How to Repair your Karaoke Machine

Is your Karaoke Machine giving your grief? Not able to host Karaoke parties anymore. Every machine breaks down once in a while and a Karaoke machine is definitely no exception.

If your Karaoke machine isn’t working properly or at all then there is no need to panic. Take a deep breath and just read this article to know how you can repair your own Karaoke machine at home, in just a few minutes.

Make sure that you try all the repairing tricks before you even start considering a new Karaoke machine to buy.

Let’s face it, Karaoke machines aren’t cheap so it is always better to get it repaired first before you even think about replacing it, however, if you do need one then Homeguyd’ has reviews on some of the best karaoke machine’s out there.

Check your Karaoke CDs

Make sure that you remove all the CDs from the Karaoke machine and let it rest for some time. After some time, try to play one CD and see if it works. Sometimes overheated CDs can cause the machine to malfunction.

If your Karaoke machine is still not working, then take the CDs and clean it with a clean, dry, lint-free cloth. Be careful while doing this.

Make sure you hold the CD by the edges of the disk and use a straight wiping motion from the center of the disk to the outer edge of the disk. A lot of times due to dirt and fingerprint, your disk might skip during a Karaoke session.

If there is debris on your CD even after the gently wiping, then pour some rubbing alcohol over the disk gently and then try to remove the dirt. Let the disk air dry and avoid drying it with a cloth.

Check your Karaoke CDs

Repair your Scratched CDs

Try to find out the scratches on your CDs and once you do, make sure that you don’t damage other disk areas in the process.

Now use some paste-style toothpaste to polish the scratched area. Make sure that you take a very small amount and apply this paste to a clean, lint-free cloth and rub it gently on the scratched area.

Once it is done, wash off the polish with the help of warm running water and then leave the disk to air dry. Make sure that you let it dry properly before you try to use it again on your Karaoke machine.

Check the connections

If your Karaoke machine is still not working, then make sure that all the connections are tight. Check your Karaoke machine’s power chord and look for any kind of split or exposed wiring. Sometimes a small crack in the wiring can cause the electricity flow to fluctuate which can make the machine malfunction.

You can repair the small cracks with the help of an electrical tape. Just wrap it around the cracks and he exposed areas.

Also, make sure that the input/output connection from your Karaoke machine to a TV or a stereo system is intact and make sure that the connection is firm. Ensure that the correct connection is the correct outlet and then start the Karaoke system.


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